About Apocaps

Apocaps was created as dog lovers began asking for a simpler, easier way to give apoptogens to their dogs. The challenge was to find a combination of the most important – luteolin, apigenin, silymarin and curcumin and other key ingredients – in a formula that is absorbed by the body.

High Bioavailability

You may have heard about supplements “going right through” the body without being absorbed. Because luteolin, apigenin, curcumin and silymarin are all natural substances, the body’s digestive and elimination systems could potentially use up or eliminate these apoptogens before they reach the bloodstream. We didn’t want that to happen.

The patent-pending proprietary “Trojan Horse” formula used to create Apocaps “tricks” the body into circulating the apoptogens throughout the bloodstream. It took a while to develop and refine this proprietary formulation, but it is the “secret weapon” in Apocaps. The formulation enhances the bioavailability of each apoptogen.

Synergy: the Whole Is Greater than the Sum of Its Parts

It’s also true that taking each apoptogen alone is not nearly as effective as taking them together along with the other ingredients in Apocaps and the “Trojan Horse” because of the concept called synergy. When taken together using our proprietary blend and techniques, the natural, human-grade, non-toxic, edible ingredients act together. Their overall effect is more powerful than when each is taken alone.


All of the ingredients in Apocaps are generally very safe for dogs, and each is human-grade. We have not had reports of any toxic effects, and dogs seem to have no trouble taking it. Very rarely, dogs may experience some form of mild stomach upset after taking Apocaps (nausea, diarrhea or vomiting), which can happen whenever any change in diet, medication or supplementation is made. This usually resolves easily, as outlined in our FAQ page.

Using Apocaps with Conventional Veterinary Therapies

Apocaps is very safe, and can be used as an adjunct for the vast majority of conventional therapies most veterinarians use. Some of the apoptogens have even been shown to be beneficial as an adjunct to pro-oxidant therapies your veterinarian may be using.

Natural, Non-Toxic Apoptogens and Botanicals

The most important ingredients in Apocaps, which make this the very first supplement of its kind, are the apoptogens luteolin, apigenin, curcumin and silymarin. Also included are gingerols, beta glucans, and l-glutamine, all of which may help a dog with abnormally low apoptosis levels.

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Apocaps is Approved for Use by Veterinarians

Approved by and Recommended by Veterinarians

Apocaps is Made in the USA

Apocaps is made in the USA with all human-grade ingredients in an FDA licensed and inspected facility